May 2016


Saronikos gulf is one of the most important seas in Greece. First of all it is the sea where not only Classical Athens but also Corinth established their kingdoms- or democracies …. And history does not stop here. Elefsis, Aigina, Salamis and modern Hydra, Spetses, Poros are located in Saronikos.

Saronikos is famous for those who love yachting in Athens. The islands are easily accessible by Piraeus, so if you have the time to experience a sea cruise, please do so. Each island has a different identity, natural environment, you definitely can visit each one every year for your holidays.


Next to Plaka art walking area, Areopagitou pedestrian street is one of the oldest streets of Athens. Before it becomes a pedestrian street, it was a roadway. Today it connects Thisseio metro station (via Apostolou Pavlou Str.) with Acropolis metro and of course Plaka.

The project of uniting the ancient roads of Athens, was a vision of Melina Merkouri, a visionary Minister of Culture, few decades ago.


Do you wonder how Areopagitou was before?

And it was not only Areopagitou, but also the part of Apostolou Pavlou, an area with many foreign institutions.

You can see many interesting points while walking it, go to Pnyx, Herodeion, for food, drink, and get really calm there…

In the middle of Areopagitou, remains of philosopher Proclus were found and today is the church of Agia Sophia. During ancient time there was an Athena temple. It is the perfect walk to feel ancient Athenian.

Monastiraki streetfood

Monastiraki. Named after the church of 11th century that is still there, one of the hotspots of Athens. Today every newbie in Athens gets his first step there, at the paved square. Also, the view from A-for-Athens terrace is another famous spot of the city.

So, what else you can do there?

  1. Enjoy an A for Athens drink-view- experience
  2. Experience your bargains talent with local merchants. How good are you?
  3. Explore local street-fruit
  4. Explore the Ottoman Mosque opposite the metro station- today a museum
  5. Get lost at Plaka following Pandrosou or Psirri area

Amazing Bargain Tips

Outside the station there is Athens Flea Market. It may seem a bit primitive as a western market, looks maybe even “arabic” style (like the coffee) but don’t forget: please don’t be rude with people there and dont show over-confident. Nobody likes to be behaved with arrogance, especially people who work all day…. Enjoy your bargain walk in Athens. 

Also take advantage of the fact that fruits there is fresh, so dont be hesitant to try.

Most important: Be careful of people who are too “warm” to help you….. There are many bad incidents that took place.

You can read also about taxis here and more Athens tips here. 


Well, which is the best period to visit Athens? Actually Athens is an all-year destination, the weather is fine always except rare occasions during the winter! Bad weather conditions for Athens and Greece of course cannot be compared with what happens in the rest of the world, it’s much more mild.

You can visit Athens in August, when most of the Athenians are in Greek islands for holidays, and is empty and you can really enjoy city’s choices. Also before Christmas in November you can arrange your company’s meeting in Athens, in one of the top city hotels. A big event only for Plaka is Orthodox Easter, which it maybe be combined with the Catholic Easter vacations. A special Plaka period is also during Apocrea celebrations in February. 

Many things are told for Athens taxi drivers, and some times is unfortunately the truth. Generally speaking, avoiding troubles while travelling is a must. So regarding taxis today there are many apps you can use in Athens in order to have a safe trip and keep away from trouble.

Taxi Tips

If you can, download apps to your mobile, and the best is beat.

When you don’t want to use your mobile, if you are at a tourist area, agree on the price of the route with the taxi driver.

If you are at the street, ask the taxi driver to turn on the tariff meter. Also you can check the GPS app that most of the taxis today use.

You can find taxis opposite the Olympian Zeus temple, or ask your hotel reception to help you.

Planning your tours with a taxi

Moving around Athens is cheap and easy with a taxi.

If you want to make daily trip, it is much better to ask for a transfer service. Send us an email for that.

Athens photo options are limitless. There are so many places for a person that wants to keep in mind. But what are the best?

  1. Acropolis view. Everybody wants a photo of the Parthenon, even President Obama.
  2. All of Athens hills, known and also unknown.
  3. Ancient & Roman Agora
  4. Anafiotika, Plaka
  5. Authentic Marathon

Photography Travel Tips

Athens is under an amazing sun. Use him.

Try to take pictures on Sundays that air pollution is minimum.

We have seen Anafiotika, Acropolis we need unexplored locations!!!! Do your best!!!

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Everyone wants to explore Parthenon, Acropolis, Olympian Zeus temple, and Greece’s archeological treasures. But Greece is quite known for its Orthodox religion and around the city there are around 40 churches (!!!).

Plaka is a basis of this byzantine legacy buildings, most of them being dated around 11th century, the last period of Byzantine (Roman actually) empire’s glory.