Basic Ideas to think about your Athens mountain trip

Athens mountain trip: Parnitha or Penteli?

Athens is maybe well known for its center, Plaka, Psirri, etc even its coastline till Sounio and daily trips to Saronikos ‘islands, but very few visitors of the city have a clear idea about Athens mountains. To be completely honest, we don’t know even if locals do have…. But Athens mountains are here to visit them!


Many people don’t have the time about thinking a day at Athens mountains, but is something they must definitely get to. Penteli, Ymmitos are a a vital part of Athens!


Amazing MountainTips

Except its hills, Athens offers a variety of trips around its mountains.

Immitos is more “spiritual” and not that wild as the rest. It hosts numerous churches and monuments, like famous Kaisariani monastery. Also Immitos or Hemmytus was the base of the first Athens aqueduct, during Peisistratus era. Later, during Roman emperor Hadrian, a major aqueduct was built linking Athens to Acharne. 

Parnitha is the most organised mountain in terms of trails and paths, but still, noone should underestimate the rest. Even not famous, many people ere lost there. So dont forget to get really good advice before climbing.

Penteli is maybe the most friendly to driver mountain, and offers a rock of rock-climbing outside Ntavelis cave. There are also some medieval monuments worth visiting around Penteli.

As soon as you can get there, you will discover their Athens view as well!