Want to enjoy something different? Why dont you try walking around Acropolis, using even a real horse? There are so many ways to enjoy Athens historical routes. Remember: its on the other side of the city that Olympian Zeus temple, Zappeion, National Garden and the Parliament!

North – South

You can follow two directions. The first is from Kydathineon you can pass via Adrianou (upper part) to Thisseio directly, either via Areopagitou and make a circle around Acropolis hill and Hrodeion, having Pnyx hill at your left hand.

After Thisseio you can walk either to Monastiraki with the lower part of Adrianou street, or towards Gazi and have the railway at your left hand. At the end of this route you will meet the ancient cemetery of Athens, Ceramicos. There, Pericles spoke according to Thucydides the first year of Pelopponesian war (431-404 BC) to his fellow citizens. His speech, Pericles funeral oration is being taught to all students of politics and international relations today.