Most Beautiful Winter days in Plaka Have Started

Well, which is the best period to visit Athens?

Actually Athens is an all-year-l destination, the weather is fine always except rare occasions during the winter! Bad weather conditions for Athens and Greece of course cannot be compared with what happens in the rest of the world, it’s much more mild.

Athens at Summer

You can visit Athens in August, when most of the Athenians are in Aegean or Saronikos islands for holidays, and is empty and you can really enjoy city’s choices. Never forget the August moon at Athens. Also before Christmas in November you can arrange your company’s meeting in Athens, in one of the top city hotels. A big event only for Plaka is Orthodox Easter, which it maybe be combined with the Catholic Easter vacations. Moreover, a special Plaka period is also during Apocrea celebrations in February. 

Plaka’s Apocrea and Easter celebrations are directly connected, having between them a feast. 40 days of real diet, so as the body to clean – a real vegeterian diet with Greek delicacies.


Amazing Travel Tips

Athens at Winter

November in a month that offers Marathon race, the authentic. The weather is not that cold, and amazing souvenirs wait for you at Plaka shopping experience.  Also New Years Eve is a must experience in Athens, with all night parties but also unique restaurant and hotel restaurant menus- at the best prices compared with the rest european capitals. Greece is a value for money destination all year long.

So, all Athens and Plaka museums stay open during winter (most of them close during August), so you can visit all of them. Besides, orthodox celebrations take place during December, January and of course Apocrea on February. Athens is here as the best Greek winter destination.