Most of the people just pass by Plaka’s streets, buildings and monuments, get astonished by the area history and do not try to get into the city’s vibes, like really experiencing a Greek coffee. Even that Plaka is famous for food and tavernas mostly, cafe is an experience indeed. 

Greek coffee is unique trying it just after you wake up, before lunch and after siesta. Greek coffee at morning, frappe before lunch and freddo cappuccino at the afternoon

In Greece coffee is used for socializing, business meet-ups, or reading your newspaper or your favourite book. Greeks have segmented coffee according to temperature: summer vs winter.

Freddo coffee view

Amazing Coffee Tips

Coffee is ALWAYS served with free cold water, which is instantly refilled. Water is respected a lot in Greece, this is why it is either free or very cheap, like nowhere else in the world.

There are 2-3 types of Greek coffee, that you can also make it at home -how to make greek coffee- . It is the turkish coffee, frappe and freddo. 


Besides coffee, you need to get the feeling of how Athens WAS during different periods of time and feel either cosmopolitan, either like a 19th century traveller.

Amazing Food Tips

Most of the tavernas offer really quality food, even though they see touristic, they are not such.

Check out the menu first, since the prices are always written down.

In Greece you may pay by credit card everywhere, especially in urban centres, like Athens.

After food, there are many ice cream shops- gelato in Plaka, where you can try some magnificent fresh tastes. Before ice cream you can try some mastiff shots, if of course it is offered at the restaurant’s menu.


Plaka is a food destination, don’t hesitate and ask- Greeks were always willing to reply to any questions!