October 2018

biker collective items

Looking f or a special Gift from Greece? A silversmith perhaps!

Plaka has some- even a few- artisans and professionals that offer their products and services in Plaka. Handmade items from ceramic, silver, wood, leather and more, found around Athens streets and in areas like Psirri.

Geoart Silversmith shop at Plaka 

One of them is George, an active silversmith, one of the few nowadays in Plaka. His shop, GeoArt, today is located in Kydathineon 25 in Plaka, next to a Paparigopoulos neoclassical historical building at Kydathineon 27.

George’s collections are mostly related to biker’s culture, since George is a Harley-Davidson Hellas Club member for more than a decade. He designes special silver mechanical parts and generally what his’ friends ask him to make!

His portfolio includes more than that, having also a specialy in ancient Greece’s metal masterpieces, not only in classic Greka style (the meander) but his innovative Spartan collection is one of the most detailed you can find globally! Also you can ask from George special design for you, or to create a special idea about a jewel you may have thought.

Where to find him

Nowadays he uses etsy platfrom to ship items worldwide. You can find him by his facebook page and instagram.

Welcome to the old city of Athens

Everybody knows Athens as the birthplace of democracy, and Plaka as a tourist trap! Well, there are some points in both sentences, but we are here to discover the truth!

So, dear reader, welcome to Plaka and its famous streets, near Monastiraki and Psirri. Here you can find useful information about not only how to spend your time in Athens, but how to make your time as most useful it could ever be in a trip for you!

We have created a website that includes historic information, shops, churches, streets, experiences, and more options, a site that shows the place as WE see it.

The borders of Plaka

Plaka is like an island, starting from Monastiraki Metro, including Ancient Agora and Adrianou at the south, going to Anafiotika up in the Acropolis rock, and ends at Kydathineon (and Nikis) streets. In these borders you can find Roman monuments, neoclassical buildings, orthodox and medieval remains, destroyed buildings, whatever you may imagine…

In Plaka you can feel romantic, young, cosmopolitan, but there is everywhere coffee and food! It is like an island inside the modern city of Athens.

So, read our articles and send us an email if you need anything!