November 2018


If Athens is the oldest city of Europe, and Plaka is the oldest still inhabited part of Athens, then Tripodon street is the oldest road of Europe.

It was used to connect Dionysus Theater with Athens agora. Today in Tripodon is the famous Lysicratous monument (made in 335-334 BC) and the street was full of such monument.

You can also enjoy a coffee, eat, choose some gifts from small shops that exist at Tripodon, since it is not a main shopping street as Adrianou or Kydathineon. But you will definitely know where you will walk!!!




Looking for special gifts around Plaka? Kydathineon is the safest place to find the most authentic gifts for you and your friends!

Unique items from Greece and the world at Articrafts, the best gallery of Plaka at Kydathineon and real handmade silver design by George are only some of the three top options in Kydathineon!


More will follow soon!!!!

Most of Athens- and not only- visitors believe that there are no activities for children during vacations. Well, hopefully for them in Plaka there are some places that children can have creative time, and enjoy some time of art, in a natural place of art!

So Museum of children’s art, located near amorgos art, in Kodrou street, near Kydathineon, is a place to be for a child. There is plenty of space for them to paint and responsible tutors for them. Take a glance here!