November 2018


Tripodon street: connecting ancient Athens

While getting to the centre of Plaka, you will have the pleasure to pass from Tripodon street. If Athens is the oldest city of Europe, and Plaka is the oldest plus continually inhabited part of Athens, then Tripodon street is the oldest road of Europe.

Initially the path was used to connect Dionysus Theater with Athens’ agora. Today in Tripodon exists the world-famous choregic Lysicratous monument (raised in 335-334 BC) and the street was full of such monuments. Lysicrates Square near the monument is the main part of Plaka.

Around Lysicratous square you can also enjoy a coffee, eat, choose some gifts from boutique shops that exist at Tripodon. Tripodon is not a main shopping street as Adrianou or Kydathineon streets. But you will definitely know where you will walk!!! You can get to Syntagma via Kydathineon and to Monastiraki via Adrianou. The choice is yours!

Around there you can find neoclassical buildings, churches, museums, even cats that pass their time there! Besides, all streets of Athens and Plaka are so old that we are always fascinating by walking or driving there!

While walking around the magnificent historical Plaka paths, the desire to get something unique as a gift for a friend souvenir from the destination is being born.

So, in case you are looking for special gifts around Plaka, Kydathineon is the safest place to find the most authentic gifts for you and your friends! Unique designs, materials, and shops around Plaka streets, run by business owners themselves offer a gift experience in the old town of Athens.

Unique items from Greece and the world at Articrafts, the best gallery of Plaka at Kydathineon and real handmade silver design by George are only some of the three top options in Kydathineon!

Plaka offers a huge variety in terms of galleries, decoration ideas, materials, concepts. After the Greek Revival concept was introduced in the city of Athens two centuries ago, now the after-crisis-Athens, new concepts are being born again. So either you are looking for special gifts, either for ideas and concepts, Athens is the classical pattern you would always visit in order to refresh your mind (and soul).

Of course there are more streets like Andrianou and Pandrosou that offer a variety of selections.. so more ideas will follow soon!!!!

Plaka for kids

Most of Athens- and not only- visitors believe that there are no activities for children

Kids seize the day at Parnitha- not Plaka 🙂

during their vacations. Plaka fortunately hosts two quite focused on children museums.

The first is located at Kodrou 9, Museum of Greek Children’s art. There is plenty of space for them to play, create, paint with responsible tutors for them.


Museum of Children’s Art, located near Amorgos art, in Kodrou street, near Kydathineon, is a place to be as a child. 

A different kind of museum for kids is the  Museum of School Life and Education at Tripodon 23 street.

This museum offers a different agenda for kinds. It is hosted at an amazing neoclassical building at the most ancient street of Europe!

At Kydathineon street there was also Hellenic Children’s Museum, that now moved at Rigillis street, not very far from Plaka, but not that close, it is behind the Greek Parliament.

Of course in Plaka there are many more museums you can visit, but in these three children can spend really constructive time.