How orthodox are you?

Everybody knows that Greeks are – or better became- Christian Orthodox. Especially in Orthodox Plaka you may explore a fantastic scenery of sacred monuments, built in 11th century, during Athens’ last period of glory. After that period, Athens was occupied by Latins and Ottomans, till the final liberation of the city in 1828 and its new architectural plan.

Which are the best dates to be there?

March 25th at Ragkavas church

Part of Easter celebration is Good Friday at Kydathineon & Saint Aikaterini church. The environment is unique.

What other orthodox options exist? numerous. Near Acropolis Cave tavern there is Agios Dimitrios, in Anafiotika there is Agios Symeon on the one side and Agios Georgios Stratonos at the other side and many more.

Discovering Plaka’s churches is really magnificent. Check our online google map here.