Above from Plaka or Plaka from above?

In case you are not in Athens in September so you cannot get to Athens Flying Week, do you wonder which is the relation of Plaka and Athens? Acropolis and Plaka? Plaka and Anafiotika? Here are some videos that have the streets and hills of Athens!

Are you wondering why Plaka’s streets are considered so important? Take a look at Kydathineon!

They are still connecting Thisseio area (the metro station behind Theseus temple) to Olympian Zeus temple.

In case you want to take a look at Tripodon and Anafiotika, take a look here!

They are still there, all ancient walkways that existed thousand of years before.

Around them you can find churches, stones, hills, gates, columns, ruins, neoclassical buildings, galleries, shops, taverns! At Plaka, you can live history everywhere. You can find anything you may ask in the most fascinating prices. You can bargain (not everywhere). You can find amazing handmade items, street food, drinks, tastes.


Most of Plaka visitors are not able to understand the historical perspective of the area, unfortunately. The place is the same since Ottoman times, and after it was excavated from foreign archeological schools that are based in Athens, a new city -that it is old- has appeared. Plaka is an experience you have to live by yourself!