July 2019


August full moon in Athens

An experience for all of those who are in Greece during summer. For some, visiting Athens for the full moon is a must, but the lucky ones are also those who are everywhere around the country, since the Ministry of Culture celebrates with events. If you are near Acropolis, a place to be around is Pikionis Pathway around Filopappou hill.

If you want to combine a night at an open air cinema, check here. As for 2019, the hotspots of the celebrations besides Athens are:

Wednesday August 14th 2019 Crete

Archeological site of Aptera, open 20.00-24.00


Full moon Thursday August 15th 2019- Northern Greece (Macedonia)

Komotini: Open archaeological museum from 20.00-24.00

Ancient Theatre of Maronia, open from 20.00-24.00.

Thessaloniki: Live concert from 20.00-23.00

Aiges Archeological site, concert starting at 21.00

Ancient Theatre of Mieza, live concert starting at 21.00

Pella museum, live concert at 21.00-23.00

Archeological sites of Logos Edessa, Pella and Dion, open 20.00-24.00


Thursday August 15th 2019- Northern Greece (Epirus)

Dodoni archeological site, live concert 20.00-24.00

Ioannina castle, live concert 20.00-24.00

Nikopoli Archaeological museum open from 20.00-24.00


Thursday August 15th 2019-  Ionian islands

Lefkada- Agia Mavra Castle

Corfu old Fortress, music event


Thursday August 15th 2019-  central Greece 

Agrinio, Archeological museum, concert (21.00-23.00)

Nafpaktos, Cervantes Park, concert, 21.00-23.00

Delphi, archeological site, open until 24.00

Theba, archeological museum, free entrance from 08.00-20.00


Thursday August 15th 2019- Peloponnesus 

Archeological Museum of Patra, open 20.00-24.00

Olympia, Archaeological museum & Archeological site, open 21.00-24.00, plus concert

Archeological site of Epicurius Apollo, concert 21.00-24.00

Chlemoutsi medieval castle, open 20.00-24.00

Nafplio, Palamidi castle, concert, open 20.00-24.00

Ancient Corinth, open 20.00-24.00

Isthmia, open 20.00-24.00

Ancient Nemea, open 20.00-24.00

Ancient Sikyon, open 20.00-24.00

Kalamata Archaeological site castle open until 24.00

Mantinia ancient theatre, concert


Thursday August 15th 2019- North Aegean islands

Lemnos, Mythimna fortress, concert

Chios, archeological site of Emporio, open 19.00-01.00 (next day) with free guidance

Chios Castle, Ioustiniani Palace at Chios castle, 21.00-01.00 (next day)

Chios Byzantine museum, 21.00-01.00

Samos, archeological museum Vathy, 20.00-24.00

Samos, Ireon archeological site, open 20.00-24.00

Ikaria, Archeological museum of Agios Kirikos, open 20.00-24.00


Thursday August 15th 2019- South  Aegean islands

Rhodes, ancient acropolis, open 20.00-24.00 (maybe a concert will take place)

Mykonos, archeological museum, 21.00-24.00

Tinos, Kionia, Poseidon sanctuary, open 21.00-24.00

Naxos, Yria, open 21.00-24.00

Paros, Archeological museum, open 21.00-24.00

Sifnos, archeological site saint Andreas, open 21.00-24.00

Milos, archeological museum, open 21.00-24.00


Thursday August 15th 2019- Crete

Heraklio areological museum Garden, concert 20.00

Gortys archeological site, concert

Tylissos archeological site, Jazz concert 21.00



Extra days and events

Friday August 16th 2019 

Ionian islands, Kefalonia, Castle of Saint George Peratata, open 20.00-23.00

Crete, Malia archaeological site, open 21.00 plus live concert

Peloponnesus, Ancient Sparta Acropolis, live concert 20.30-24.00

Macedonia, Dion archeological site, musical festival 20.00-24.00



Saturday August 17th  2019

Peloponnesus, Gytheio, Mavrovounio castle (Goulades), live concert 20.30-24.00



Sunday August 18th 2019 

Thessaly- Larissa Diahronico Museum: live concert

Crete: British school at Knossos, musical night, 20.30


Monday August 19th  2019

Epirus- Arta Archeological museum, live concert, 20.00-24.00

Macedonia- Amfipolis Archeological site, live concert 20-23.00



Tickets for Acropolis

Plaka, Athens and prices

Coming to a new city bears questions regarding how much some products, tickets or services cost. Even if Athens is not such an expensive capital compared to other European ones, here are some prices as a guide to use it while walking to Plaka’s streets.


Food & drink 

Water (half a litre) 0,5 -1 euro

Cafe: 3-4 euros

Souvlaki: 2-3 euros

Cigarettes (a packet): 4-5 euro

An average served restaurant dish: 7-8 euros

An expensive served restaurant dish: 14-16 euros

A glass of wine: 5 euros (served)

One beer 500 ml: 6 euros

A drink at a bar: 7-8 euros

A cocktail drink: 10-12 euros

A bottle of wine: 20 euros

A bottle of alcohol at a nightclub: 60-80 euros


Transport & transfer 

Metro- public bus ticket: 1,5 euros lasting for 90 minutes

Metro ticket to the airport: 10 euros

Taxi from Athens to the airport: (day) 38 euros, (night) 54 euros

Ferry ticket to Saronikos islands: 7-10 euros

Ferry ticket to Aegean islands: 20-30 euros (even higher sometimes)

A ferry ticket for a car: starting from 50 euros going up to 250 for Crete itinerary.


Experiences in Athens cost 

Acropolis museum: 10 euro

Acropolis hill (and all the visiting nearby area): 20 euros

A public archeological site without museum (not Acropolis): 2-6 euros

A museum ticket: depends, normally 8-12 euros

A cinema ticket: 7 euros

A theatre ticket: 15 euros

A festival ticket: depends, around 10-20 euros

A ticket for a hotel pool: 15-30 euros

Churches: free entrance is everywhere in Orthodox churches (donations are welcome, by lightning a candle).


Gifts and Souvenirs Tips

Jewellery prices have to difference anywhere.

Handmade items are definitely cheaper that rest of Europe.

Food products (olive oil, honey, etc) as Greece is an agricultural economy as well is much cheaper.

Fashion and design items: Greece has many things to show to the world and offer them in competitive prices.

Greek souvenirs: made in china, so not highly recommended..

Art Galleries: Athens has many galleries, with many many options.


Of course all the above prices are indicative and you can find more expensive services around the city if you wish… But knowing the above makes you more sure you can navigate the city more safe! enjoy and you wish anything more drop us an email!

Need 24/7 monuments?

Ok, Athens is full of sites and monuments.Still, If you are in Athens when the Acropolis entrance or the museum are closed, here is a top-5 list with top-monuments you can visit anytime.

  1. Lysicrates monument at Plaka. One of top attractions, the monument of Lysicrates marking the most ancient street of Europe is located at the centre of Plaka, the monument is 24/7 accessible to the public, while there are many restaurants/bars where you can find open until 1-2 o’clock at night.
  2. Monument of the Unknown Soldier, at Syntagma. One of the top Athens attractions, located at the centre of the city, the monument was built for the relatives of the lost Greek soldiers during wars. It is 24/7 accessible and guarded, and if someone is lucky enough can watch Change of Guards.
  3. Monument of Philopappus hill. A roman-times structure, on the top of Philopappus hill.
  4. Statue of Lord Byron. The statue is located at the Zappeion square, a huge block where the Greek Parliament, the monument of the unknown soldier, National Garden and Zappeion are. Next to it, is a new statue of teenager Alexander the Great (without arms).
  5. Panathenaic stadium. There is an entrance to it, but to enter the actual stadium. You can still admire it while passing from there.
  6. Pnyx & Areopagus hills. The hill of Pnyx is where democracy was born, one of the seven hills of Athens. You have to walk there, and it is a bit difficult for someone without a guide at night since it is actually a small forest, with many trees and paved way. You have to pass Loumpardiaris church and turn right (from Acropolis) and after 100 meters walk you find the entrance at your right hand. After 100 more meters you reach the main site. There is a security person always there. If you want to continue walking, you can walk until NOA hill and get to Thisseio area and Petralona- use also Pikionis pathway. Areopagus hill is opposite Acropolis entrance and is also open. Be careful since there are some stairs carved on the rock- better to use the modern installation to climb the hill.

Here are some suggestions for those who really don’t want to miss anything from Athens, even at night!