How about a sea tour at Saronikos islands?

Saronikos is not that famous as Acropolis and Plaka in Athens, but it is a must if you want to spend more days in Greek capital. Besides mountains and  even lakes, Athens offers really many options for someone to explore cultural and historical places by the sea.

There are many options regarding the way you can explore Saronikos islands. Either by an one day cruise, or by sailing boat, or by daily excursions to each island. If you need more information on that, you can drop us an email.

So how you could do it.

Either by booking a ticket from any travel agency in Athens for that daily sea cruise (it is just one), leaving early each morning from a near to Piraeus Port, gets you to Hydra, then Poros, and then Aigina.

By sailing boat, you can book (quite early though) a boat with a skipper, and organise a tour around Saronikos islands, that could last for few days or maximum a week, you can arrange that according to your program. The best approach to that is if you are a group of friends.

By car, you can drive down to Peloponnesus and reach Porto- Heli or Ermioni, where you get a sea taxi to Spetses. Sea taxi are more expensive maybe, but you have the option to have a car with you, in case you feel sea sick. You can also get a sea taxi to Hydra as well.

Also you can get by car to Methana at Peloponnesus as well, and get to Poros easily or Aigina.

Another option is to get from Piraeus by car to Perama, after Piraeus port and get a ferry to Salamis– its just 15 minutes and the ticket is really cheap.

All the above ways are options that want to show to you how easy it is to combine an island to your visit at Athens!