Kalimarmaro Stadium and Ardettos Hill today

Plaka Running?

Well, if you are a runner, maybe Plaka streets disappoint you, maybe not. The good news is that all around Plaka there are either few or no cars, so no worries about traffic, lights, etc. The bad news are that there is no real track you can enjoy running, like these that exist around Panathenaic Stadium. Important! The Entrance is behind the stadium, not at the front Avenue, but at 16 Archimidous street (Pagrati). 

If you insist on running at Plaka, we have one secret option: start from the tickets of the Acropolis (opposite Acropolis museum) and follow the road up to where Acropolis Cave tavern is. You can follow that route and with the use of stairs (apologies for that) you can cross Anafiotika and get to the other side of Acropolis.

Another area that is close to Plaka and you can exercise is National Garden.


Pikionis pathway

Athens Seven hills running

Well, another interesting option- but quite harder- is to run across Pikionis pathway. But you have to be really careful while running, since the pavement was not designed for runners, but for walking.

You can start either from Areopagitou pedestrian and enter Filopappou monument (left direction) or continue straight and get to Thisseion. This route is without any cars, so you have nothing to be afraid of.

Tip: there is place you can drink water, a public spot next to the guard’s kiosk at Pnyx hill. 


Authentic Marathon running

About Authentic Marathon, there is the top running experience in the world. The event takes place every November (for 2019 the date in November 10th) and the registrations open every April. Hope to see you there!