A visit to Saronikos

Saronikos has Aigina that it was Greece’s first capital, so the first Greek museum was duilt there. In Salamina you can find Euripides’ cave, and a visit in Hydra and Spetes will show you why the Greek War of Independence was succesful: because of the sea capital that was offered by the rich shipowners of these two islands. So you can access these museums only by boat! But as a part of a daily or more excursion, Saronikos offers really unique options. After you reach the island, you can get to the place just by..asking a local!



Ecclesiastic and Byzantine Museum, +3022980-54071.

Historic File Museum of Hydra, +302298054142

Outlier of the National Museum of History, former Manor of Lazaros Kountouriotis, +3022980-52421



Euripides cave, 20 minites walκ from Peristeria

Archaeological Museum of Salamina, Thukididou 47, +302104640759

Agios Dimitrios church with George Karaiskakis tomb




Kapralos Sculpture Museum, department of National Gallery, Nikou Kazantzaki, Aigina

Folk Museum, Spirou Rodi 16, +302297026401 https://laografiko.gr/online/

Archaeological Museum of Aegina, +302297022248

Afaia temple museum, next to the ancient temple



Spetses Museum, +302298072994

Bouboulina’s museum +302298072416  http://www.bouboulinamuseum-spetses.gr/