Athens for Foodies

Best food options in Athens

Athens is a food-must experience. After Plaka, Greeks offer their food services all over the world, including their modern capital Athens. For the moment, here are some basic suggestions from us.


The top (in everything) 

  1. Cinque Wine & Deli Bar – Agatharchou 15, Psirri. The best Wine and Deli place in Athens.
  2.  Funky Gourmet- Paramythias & Salaminos, Keramikos. One of the most famous and modern places for Athenians.
  3. Grande Bretagne Roof Garden, Syntagma. The best Roof in Athens.
  4. Spondi, Pyrronos 5, Pagrati. The classical top Athens restaraunt, with the most awards.


The best (value for money) 

  1. Mavro Provato, Arrianou 31, Pagrati. For all those looking some real Greek taste, in a really nice environment.
  2. Colibri, Empedokleous 15, Pagrati.
  3. Balcony, Veikou 1 & Dimitrakopoulou, Koukaki.
  4. Kyveli, Eptanisou 15, Athens.

The rest (different tastes and style)

  1. Koi sushi bar, Apollonos 1, Syntagma
  2. Ladokolla, Immitou 46, Kaisariani.
  3. Black Duck Garden, Ioanni Paparigopoulou 5-7, Athens city museum bistrot.
  4. Rosalia, Valtetsiou 59, Exarhia, Athens


Of course, don’t forget to combine wine options and drink nights, at famous Athens bars.