Athens markets

Athens markets, beyond Plaka, can prove themselves to be in a very close distance, of a great experience, since visitors can discover new items and explore a different market culture, are everywhere around Plaka.

Monastiraki bargain’s market.

In Monastiraki you can find literally everything. Its a Sunday walk for Athenians, so it would be better to avoid it and visit it during the week. What you will find there is mostly clothes and shoes. There are also many shops with second-hand items, or if you like decorative styles of the past and also have time to spend, you may be lucky to find real trasures there. Monastiraki market is expended to surrounding streets.


Ermou & international brands, the main street of the route Monastiraki- Syntagma

In Ermou you have brands and eponymous accessories mostly, Athenian women visit the street to shop. Prices are higher than Monastiraki, but the feeling of a big street is always nice, where you can enjoy a coffee around Ermou.


Kolonaki & luxury items – services 

Kolonaki is a priviledged area, because it is next to the Parliament, and a wealthy neighobourhood. Prices are higher in everything.


Varvakeios food market

Besides Monastiraki, If you wish to see a real Greek market, you have to walk from Athinas and get to Varvakeios. An experience even for Greeks that get there for a first time.