Famous Greeks in Plaka

Famous streets and famous Greeks

In Kydathineon street was the house of Seferis, and later Konstantinos Tsatsos, Head of Greek Republic (1975-1980). Also at number 27 it is until today Paparigopoulos House, the place where the first Christmas tree arrived in Athens. Paparigopoulos arrived in Athens in 1843 as the interpreter in Russian consulates and Former Consulate of Russia in Greece. Ludwig, father of Otto was hosted here, as well as the Russian embassy in Athens (Metamorfosi Kottaki was the first Russian Orthodox church in Athens).

One of the many first attendees of the Christmas Eve of 1843 it was General Makryiannis. When Paparigoroulos showed him the Christmas tree, Makriyannis moved his head and said “ its nice, but I don’t let my trees to grow inside the room! Only my weapons!!

In 5 Periandrou street, at an abandoned house today, Greek poet Kostis Palamas lived and died.

Tripodon is another famous street. In number 3 you meet the house of a great Samian, family, Logothetis, while in 32 is the house of the Ottoman judge. The last one Hacı Halil Efendi Shaykh al-Islām or Grand Mouftis protected Athenian men when the War took place and he was considered responsible and was killed.

In the yard of Metamorfosi Sotiros in Kydathineon, dead body of Odysseas Androutsos was buried after his murder from Kolettis, nowadays he is buried in Athens Cemetery. Also the family house of Agia (Saint) Filothei is in the house of the last Ottoman mayor of Athens, Andrianou 96.

Also Kolettis neoclassical house is located at Polygnotoy street. Nobody has to wonder now why Plaka streets are so famous. Ruins of Proclus house, neoclassicism and most of all, cosmopolitansm are everywhere at Plaka.

Famous foreigners in Plaka 

Lord Byron stayed at the Capucini monastery at Lysicratous square. George Finley’s house is also in Plaka Kekropos 8 and Thycididou, who accompanied Lord Byron also lived here in Plaka.