Pandrosou Nick’s Corner

Pandrosou Nicks Corner entrance

A historic family business at Pandrosou

Nick’s corner is located at the center of Athens, really close to Monastiraki metro station, but also opposite the famous Martinos Gallery, located at Pandrosou 50.

Nick’s family is located at the area for 4 continuous generations, and they serve Athens’ visitor with respect and kindness.¬†At his shop you may find fancy dresses, pretty bags, accessories at really cool prices.

From there you can continue walking up Pandrosou street or turn right and get to the Old market square, where you can have a cafe. If you want to continue walking, you can either choose Adrianou and get to Benizelos Ottoman residence, either get to the Tower of Winds.

At any case, a visit to Nicks’ place is a must to get the feeling of an old Athenian family.

One unique item that exits inside the shop is the official garment of the famous Greek footballer Sokratis Papastathopoulos, that Nikos is really proud of (and he also doesn’t sell it).