Greek coffee experience

Well you can’t be in Greece, especially in Plaka, and do not know how to REALLY experience a coffee. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the maximum of a Greek coffee.

Greek coffee etiquette: in Athens coffee stands for culture and it means first that you can sit at your table as long as you want, it’s not like having an espresso in Italy. Moreover you have fresh cold water served for free and refilled, as long as in such heat you cant survive without water. Water is cheap comparing it to other European capitals and you can find it in all kiosks in bottles just for 0,50-1 euro.

Greek Coffee (Frappe or Freddo) is iced and you drink it SLOWLY, otherwise it affects your neurical system because it is quite strong, and especially sensitive people cannot calm down easily. You can also with you a book or a magazine- time flies with a book…

Greek hot coffee: actually it is the Turkish coffee, during ottoman occupation of Greece, the first coffee you have to try in the morning

Greek frappe coffee: iced coffee, made in 1952 in Thessaloniki fair, by a bartender.

Freddo coffee: a modern invention, it’s iced espresso with milkfoam on the top.

Where to enjoy Greek coffee in Plaka: There are numerous options of coffee in Plaka, it depends on what environment you prefer to enjoy, where will you be and how much time you have.

Coffee with locals:

Coffee with amazing view:

Coffee and food (morning):

Coffee and drinks (afternoon):

Top plaka café spots: