Plaka must do

Here is our selection with things to do in Plaka

  1. Drink a cocktail
  2. Eat fish along with Ouzo
  3. Hammam
  4. Watch a night of Folk dances in Dora Stratou theater
  5. Watch a movie at an open air cinema
  6. enjoy a coffee at Oraia Ellas
  7. visit Pnyx, Philopappou & Nymph hills
  8. Walk at Areopagitou till Proclus home (now a temple)
  9. Visit Russian & Anglican churches
  10. Explore city walls
  11. Enjoy an Herodeion night show at Athens festival
  12. Feed Plaka cats
  13. Take a picture at
  14. Easter at Plaka
  15. Apocrea at Plaka