Athens Plaka top – 10 lists

Plaka top things to do

Top-10’s have saved destinations from numerous problems. As for Plaka, it creates problems, because it is really difficult to conclude and propose options. Nevertheless, Plaka top10’s include food, drinks, sightseeings of many types as ancient, neoclassical, activities, views, shopping, museums, galleries, in order to create an essence of relaxation, experience, coziness to its visitor.

We think that we have treated with respect to our guest, but also to the city itself. Plaka has suffered a lot, and we would like to pass that feeling to the visitor, in order to feel both Plaka and Athens.

Athens as a modernĀ  city of four million people is much more difficult to create nice lists for foreigners. Even though, keeping in mind that this is our goal, we will keep on trying. Enjoy!