Plaka shopping top 10

Plaka shopping experience is a must. Explore Plaka’s streets and meet unique shops, family owned with unique golf -memoirs from Greece.

Kydathineon Street

  1. Geoart shop. The unique handmade shop at Kydathineon street, with handmade silver items. George is your man at Plaka, especially for silver handmade items.

2. Orlik Gallery.

Explore one of the top Plaka’s galleries, Orlik.

3. Articrafts design shop

4. Ancient Greek clothing


Pandrosou Street proposals

4. Nick’s corner

More info about Nick’s corner here.

Adrianou Street

Adrianou is another famous street that offers shopping options.

Besides the major streets, there are also some collective handmade items, such as Tsolias Gallery, or Dotahart.

5. Tsolias Gallery, located at Kirristou.

6. Dotahart – ceramics

Use your imagination and create handmade items, daily, at Plaka.

You can also find sandals and more items. Check Athens’ official Traders Association Maps here.