The top excuses to visit Athens’ museums

Museums and Exhibits in Athens

Athens is a museum by default, since history starts before 4500 years. But most of the people visiting a destination, need a reason, an excuse to do so, since we are not always motivated to spend our time to museums, and we have also Plaka and Athens‘ museums lists here. But here are the main exhibits of them including all of Athens timeframe:

  1. Keros Treasure, Cycladic Museum, Neofytou Douka 4, Athens
  2. Karyatides at the New Acropolis Museum, Areopagitou 15, Acropolis metro
  3. Agamemnon Mask, Antikythera mechanism at the National Archaeologic Museum, Patision 44 & Alexandras, Victoria metro
  4. Trireme ram during Persian Wars,  discovered in Artemisio Cape, Piraeus Archaeological Museum, Char. Trikoupi 31, Piraeus metro.
  5. Brutus’ Denar, a very rare coin, cut at 43/42 BC from Ceasar’s main assassin Brutus, a memoir of the murder of 44 BC (?). Numesmatic Museum, Eleftheriou Venizelou 12, Syntagma metro
  6. Kolokotronis helmet, Lord Byron’s belongings & The Massacre at Chios painting copy, original painting in Louvre by Eugène Delacroix, National History Museum, Old Parliament Building, Stadiou 13, Syntagma metro
  7. Athens of 1674, oil painting by Jacques Carrey. Amalia’s hall, Otto’s original Greek Contistution document, a 1838 map of Greece, Museum of the City of Athens Vouros – Eutaxias, Ioanni Paparigopoulou 5-7, Panepistimio or Syntagma metro.
  8. Two marble Cycladic objects (4500-3200 BC) Benaki museum, Koumpari 1, Syntagma metro
  9. Panagia (Madonna) of the Catalans, a wall painting, found inside the church of Prophet Elijah, next to the Ancient Agora of Athens. Capital letters F.A. and L.S. are for the Genovese Fransesco Acciaiuoli and lord Lorenzo Spinola. It is dated in the middle of 15th centure. Byzantine Museum, Syntagma metro
  10. An exact copy of the first Greek military aircraft “Daedalus”, War Museum, Syntagma metro


Please take also notice that most of the museums are closed on Mondays.