Tripodon, a name coming out by a monument you can still find today

Lysicratous monument

Tripodon is considered to be the most ancient street of Plaka, Athens and Europe, keeping the same name for 25 centuries! You can find it from Lysicrates square when you want to enter Plaka’s center more.

During ancient times the street was really wide, six meters width, and was connection the Dionysus theatre (that you can visit today), to Prytaneio in ancient agora. Athenians were using this way to get to the famous drama festivals. Since the festivals had sponsors, they were putting the the winner-sponsor tributes to the same street, so as everybody could see them, so today anyone can notice the Lysikratous monuments that also survived 25 centuries.

Tripodon is also connected from Lysicrates monument to Lusiou and then to Tower of Wind, or Kirristos clock, inside Roman agora.

What you can find there:

The street has not many shops as the rest of Plaka, but you can admire the building architecture that exist in both sides. First of all its the 11th century Ragavas church, from Byzantine period. Also, there is the house of the Ottoman judge (Kadis) at number 32. The house was used for a famous Greek movie during 1970’s. If you continue walking you will find also the Byzantine church of Ragavas.

Also the School life education museum is located at number 23.

More famous Plaka streets are Kydathineon, Adrianou (with two parts), Thespidos (that follows Acropolis rock ancient path), Pandrosou, and many more. For more churches click here but also museums at Plaka, Plaka stairs and Anafiotika.